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Solutions for Digital Transformation and Inclusive Digitalization in companies


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    Digital Cards

    Digital cards for professionals, organizations and institutions that reduce your ecological footprint
    Networking Digital Cards
    Do you want to make a lasting first impression on your contacts?
    Digital Membership Cards
    BHybrid lets you skip the plastic cards and communicate with your members in a more efficient way.


    New publicity formats for publications in printed and digital mediums
    Online media marketing placement
    New digital ad format for better each and engagement
    Management and analysis of publicity in paged magazines
    Administration of publicity insertions in digital and printed magazines using digital interaction iconography

    Contenidos digitales

    Creation of public and restricted interactive contents, multichannel distribution, access control and monetization.
    Public Contents
    Organization and Display of printed and digital Publications
    Restricted Contents
    Private areas of restricted contents
    Content distribution
    Sending of mass and individual emails
    Content delivery control
    Subscriptions and Monetization of contents
    Access control and Content sales

    Lead the digital transformation of your sector and facilitate being omnichannel

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